2019 Honours presentations

Each year, Flinders university Psychology Honours students present their research to their colleagues in the School of Psychology. The presentations are a chance for the Honours students to present the research they have been working on during the year to PhD students and Psychology faculty members in the school.

This year our lab had three Honours students present their work in front of staff and students. Nadine Hutchison presented her work entitled The downside to friendship: Does social distance influence the amplification of shared stressful experiences

Nadine Hutchison presenting her Honours project.

Michelle Johns presented her work entitled How the Future Compares to the Past: Comparing involuntary thoughts about past and future traumas.

Michelle Johns presenting her Honours project.

Lucy Matson presented her work entitled Disgust: Does it stick? Involuntary recall of disgust vs. fear photographs.

Lucy Matson presenting her Honours project.

All of the Honours projects featured here will go on to become publications or will inspire future PhD projects. Congratulations to our Honours students for their achievements this year, and keep your eye out for their work in the cognition literature.