Lucy Matson

I am a second-year Clinical PhD student in the Forensic and Clinical Cognition Lab. I undertook my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Flinders University, and completed Honours in the Forensic and Clinical Cognition Lab in 2019. My Honours thesis investigated differences in involuntary recall of stimuli that elicit distinctive emotional responses (specifically, disgust and fear).

My current research involves investigating mechanisms behind the enhanced involuntary recall for disgust (when compared to fear), through the use of stimuli (e.g., images) and experiences (e.g., asking participants to reflect on a traumatic experience). I am also investigating memory for disgust responses in a range of contexts, such as physical disgust (e.g. viewing disgusting images) and moral disgust (feeling disgusted by others actions in a moral transgression). My research has clinical implications regarding how the various emotional reactions to traumatic events should be uniquely targeted in PTSD treatment.

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