Jace Dalton

I am currently working on my Honours project with the Forensic and Clinical and Cognition Lab after completing my third-year placement with the Lab in 2023.

My thesis aims to explore self-triggering in people with disordered eating symptoms. Eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates among mental illnesses and are notoriously resistant to treatment. This resistance to treatment extends beyond a mere impasse: people with disordered eating symptoms tend to purposefully expose themselves to certain content with the intention of worsening their symptoms, a phenomenon known as self-triggering. Continued self-triggering prevents successful treatment of disordered eating, as it helps maintain disordered behaviours. Despite its clinical relevance, minimal research has been conducted on self-triggering. Through my thesis, I hope to gain insight into the cognitive mechanisms at work, as well as a broader understanding of the typical self-triggering experience.