Isabelle Slattery

I’m a second-year Clinical PhD student at Flinders University, having completed my Honours in 2022 under the expert supervision of Professor Melanie Takarangi and her team in the Forensic and Clinical Cognition Lab. My Honours thesis investigated the efficacy of an intervention aimed at reducing post-traumatic intrusions following a trauma film paradigm.

My current research explores the common phenomenon of experiencing intrusions for traumatic events that did not occur directly to you, or at all, known as Secondary Traumatisation. The transmission of these traumatic symptoms from one person to another is of particular interest, and factors of the traumatic event may make it more ‘contagious’ (i.e., relationship, type of trauma, level of detail provided etc.). Building on these findings, I am also interested in further investigating how we can protect vulnerable populations (i.e., partners/families of veterans, frontline emergency workers, families of child abuse victims, etc.) from developing symptoms analogous to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In my spare time, you’ll find me at the beach or CrossFit gym, enjoying a concert or two, and listening to podcasts.