Isabelle Slattery

I’m currently completing my Honours thesis with the Forensic and Clinical Cognition Lab. I’m a part-time Honours student, having completed my coursework in 2021. I’ve been volunteering with the FCCL since early 2020 and have been fortunate enough to continue on with them this year. Throughout my undergraduate studies I developed a keen interest in clinical cognition, particularly how our thoughts and memories are impacted by trauma.

My thesis is a replication of the Holmes et al. (2009) Tetris study, where they investigated the frequency of trauma intrusions after participants viewed a trauma film and played the visuospatial-based computer game, Tetris. Although Holmes et al. (2009; 2010) found promising results regarding the potential benefits of Tetris, several other studies have failed to replicate their findings (e.g., Asselbergs et al., 2018; Brül et al., 2019). Our Lab is working as part of an international replication effort to examine the effectiveness of playing Tetris following an analogue trauma event, part of which my Honours thesis will contribute to. This grand replication aims to combat the rising replication crisis in psychology and provide insight into the cognitive mechanisms involved with trauma intrusions and PTSD.

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