About Our Work

In my lab we marry cognitive and clinical psychology. Using an experimental approach, we study the ways that memories—particularly what and how people remember about adverse personal experiences and their reactions to those experiences—shape resilience in the present and in the future.
We are interested in factors—including warnings, stress, attention, and social connection—that shape the way we attend to, react to and remember emotional material and experiences, and how we anticipate emotional experiences in the future. We also examine the role of involuntary or spontaneous remembering and related concepts, including mind-wandering and meta-awareness, in determining psychological well-being. And finally, we work to understand other puzzles of memory in legal contexts, such as memory distortion for crime, and how alcohol affects eyewitness memory.

Meet the Team

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Melanie Takarangi

Lab Director

Jacinta Oulton

PhD Graduate

Deanne Green

PhD Candidate

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Sasha Headshot
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Ella Moeck

PhD Candidate

Sasha Nahleen

PhD Candidate

Di Nayda

PhD Candidate

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Victoria Bridgland

PhD Candidate

Taylor Swain

Clinical PhD Candidate

Jorja Barnard

Honours Student, 2018

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Joshua Peters 400x400

Megan Hawes

Honours Student, 2018

Joshua Peters

Clinical Masters Student

Danielle Hett

Visiting PhD Candidate, 2018

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Nadine Huchison 400x400

Michelle Johns

Honours Student, 2019

Lucy Matson

Honours Student, 2019

Nadine Hutchison

Honours Student, 2019