About Us

Each year our lab hosts Honours students, PhD Research students, Clinical PhD students, and Clinical Masters students. We research many aspects of cognitive and clinical psychology. Using an experimental approach, we study the ways that memories—particularly what and how people remember about adverse personal experiences and their reactions to those experiences—shape resilience in the present and in the future.
Below are some of our current and past students. Click on each profile to learn more about each team member’s role, and their research within the lab.
You can learn more about the work we do in the FACCL lab, around Flinders University, and around the world in our lab blog

Meet the Team

Jacinta 400x400
Sasha 400x400

Melanie Takarangi

Lab Director

Jacinta Oulton

PhD Graduate

Sasha Nahleen

PhD Graduate

ella Moeck 400x400
Deanne 400x400
Di 400x400

Ella Moeck

PhD Graduate

Deanne Green

PhD Candidate

Di Nayda

PhD Candidate

Victoria 400x400
Taylor headshot crop
Lucy Matson 400x400

Victoria Bridgland

PhD Candidate

Taylor Swain

Clinical PhD Candidate

Lucy Matson

Clinical PhD Candidate

Joshua Peters 400x400
Michelle Johns 400x400

Nadine Hutchison

Clinical PhD Candidate

Joshua Peters

Clinical Masters Student

Michelle Johns

Honours Student, 2019

Version 2

Jorja Barnard

Honours Graduate, 2018

Megan Hawes 400x400

Megan Hawes

Honours Graduate, 2018


Danielle Hett

Visiting PhD Candidate, 2018