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I am interested in understanding what factors alter people’s short term (e.g., attention) and long term (e.g., memory) responses to emotional stimuli. These factors include specialisations of the right and left hemisphere of the brain (which my PhD focused on), the ‘type’ of emotion (e.g., disgust vs. fear), and the modality (e.g., visual vs. auditory). I am currently investigating the emotion induced blindness effect—where emotional stimuli impair people’s ability to notice neutral stimuli. Another research interest is in identifying the underlying mechanisms of involuntary cognitions (i.e., thoughts or memories that come to mind spontaneously). In our everyday life, involuntary cognitions are usually mundane or pleasant (e.g., earworms – having a song stuck in your head). But they can also be negative and problematic to well-being. I am passionate about using everyday phenomena (e.g., earworms) to understand how involuntary cognitions become problematic.

Throughout my PhD, I was heavily involved in the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (SARMAC) Student Executive Boards. I served as Student President (2017-2019) and Social Chair (2015-2017). During these years of service, I set up several student focused initiatives including research grants, travel grants, and best presentation awards.

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