Nadine Hutchison

I am a third-year Clinical PhD student at Flinders University. I completed Honours in 2019 in the Forensic and Clinical Cognition Lab, investigating the amplification of shared stressful experiences.

My current research aims to examine the ways in which people share stressful and traumatic events with others, for instance by having others present at the time of the event (i.e., physical sharing), by discussing the event with others (i.e., verbal sharing) and by experiencing similar emotions to others about the event (i.e., emotional sharing). I am also interested in determining when and how often people share stressful and traumatic events with others in these different ways as well as understanding how sharing stress and trauma positively and negatively affects people’s recovery from such experiences.

Aside from my studies I am an aerial artist and coach, passionate traveller and lover of all food, especially pizza.

Nadine Hutchison

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