Stress to success

This week, Deanne Green presented a session on wellbeing for students and teachers of Roma Mitchell Secondary College. Students and teachers visited Flinders University Tonsley campus for an insight into life and study at Flinders University.

The school visit included talks and sessions from various disciplines at the university. Ellen Phiddian, STEM Outreach Communications Officer at Flinders University, presented a session intended to introduce students to the world of engineering, by having them create a rollercoaster in class. Anthony Eldridge presented a session intended to introduce students to the world of electronics, by having them program a robot in class. Ashley R presented a session intended to introduce students to the world of courts and the Law, by informing students on how to think like a lawyer.

Deanne presented a session intended to introduce students to psychology, by helping them to recognise and address some important issues that all students face: Stress, coping, and motivation. The workshop entitled Stress to success was an ambiguous title, did it mean from stress to success? Or use stress to reach success? In fact it meant a little of each.

Sometimes stress can get overwhelming

Stress to success demonstrated to students that stress is not the enemy, that it can actually be helpful. It also demonstrated how to cope when stress gets too much, and how to overcome procrastination using self control and motivation. While these are seemingly lofty goals, students and teachers did walk away with practical tools on how to implement changes that would improve well-being at school.

Deanne’s session looked to the research in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience for insight into how to use stress to our advantage, how to overcome our immediate impulses to procrastinate, and how to train our brains to be more motivated to finish difficult or unenjoyable tasks. The session ended with the following take home messages:

  • Stress can be helpful
  • Will power can be trained
  • Seek help when you need it

It was a successful visit, with students seeing what Flinders University has to offer for students who want to be Future Ready.

It is always okay to seek help

Deanne Green, Stress to success