Jacinta Oulton

I am a recent PhD Graduate from the Forensic and Clinical Cognition Lab. My main research interests are in understanding how people remember highly emotional and traumatic experiences over time. PTSD sufferers often remember their experience as being more traumatic later, compared to immediately after, the event took place (i.e., “the memory amplification effect”). However, research has not investigated why PTSD sufferers remember their experience as being more traumatic over time. The overarching objective of my PhD research was to determine the processes that lead to memory amplification. I examined the role of involuntary cognitions — i.e., spontaneously occurring thoughts, images and memories — in contributing to memory amplification for trauma. I am also broadly interested in the content of involuntary cognitions surrounding trauma, and the extent that these cognitions possess imagined (i.e., non-experienced) components.

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