Lab writing retreat 2019

Each year our lab’s PhD students and Lab Director go on a retreat to write, write, write!

The Adelaide Hills is the perfect spot for three days of writing, and this year we headed to Strathalbyn to partake in some lab team-bonding activities, and of course good food and great wine. We kept our colleagues up-to-date on Twitter, including tips for what makes a great writing retreat.

Rugged up against the Adelaide Hills winter elements from left: Deanne Green, Taylor Swain and Melanie Takarangi

Luckily there is always at least some sunshine during Adelaide winter!

From left: Ella Moeck and Taylor Swain working outside and enjoying the sunshine, Deanne Green having her turn at “Finska” in the winter sun.

Most importantly, we had a writing schedule which kept us on track, and helped us to reach our writing goals.

A daily schedule is essential.

After three years of successful writing retreats, our lab can recommend the following for a successful retreat:

  • Set a schedule and stick to it
  • Pick a location reasonably far away that does not have wifi
  • Focus on writing, no distractions
  • Include some lab bonding time over wine and Cards Against Humanity at the end of the day!
Making time to appreciate visiting neighbours, and having some fun down time is essential!